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Damage from product

Representation For Victims Of Dangerous Or Defective Products

Manufacturers, distributors and sellers can be held liable for bringing dangerous or defective products to market and putting consumers at risk. If you have been harmed due to a dangerous or defective product, you may have grounds for a product liability claim.

Product Liability Overview

For a product liability claim to be successful, it must be proven that the product that caused the injury was defective and that the defect made the product unreasonably dangerous. Examples of product defects that can lead to an injury include:

  • Marketing defects, including flaws in the way a product was labeled or presented to consumers
  • Failure to warn consumers about potential risks, including possible side effects of medications
  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects that occur during a product’s manufacture or assembly

Issues that most commonly give rise to product liability claims include medical device defects, tire failure, seatbelt failure, defective air bags, defective surgical implants, defective electronics and defective furniture.

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